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Trucks and Tires Maintenance is Essential for a Healthy Road Trip.

Trucks and tires maintenance is essential for a healthy road trip.

We Red Dot Truck Service provide road side service round the clock. Our 24 hr emergency service is our unique system.

Some healthy tips for a healthy truck, here you will find basic instincts of your truck.

  1. A truck runs on oil, this oil is very important for a healthy engine. So changing the oil for every 3,000 miles or every three months is essential.

It increases the efficiency of the engine with a smooth run. Using high mileage oil will keep seals protected from leakage.

  1. Regular checkups on your truck, inspecting the brake lines and replacing spark plugs, filters periodically will help retrieve the smaller problems. One of them is fuel injection system that needed observation for potential problems.
  2. Air pressure of the tires should be checked constantly,this will help to avoid unexpected flats and blowouts. With this you can add adjusting your trucks alignment.  
  3. Avoid big expenses b check underneath your truck for any oil leakages.
  4. Unusual sounds like thumps or bangs might lead to some serious problem of your truck, so better aware of the sounds it spells and take it to the notice of a mechanic. Our professional mechanics are the best in New Jersey.  Sometimes all the precautions might not support your trucks performance, which requires a professional hand to solve the problem.

Our services are wide spread and at your service in 24 and 7 in solving the most crucial repairs of your trucks.