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Tire servicing:

A healthy truck needs healthytire maintenance. It’s probably the most neglected area by everyone. But the pressure point where the truck supports itself lies in the strength of its round, stable tires.

Taking steps to secure your tiers will help in maintaining a good vehicle.

1.Selecting the right tires:

Market provides a lot of brands but it’s good to have an experienced and trusted hand like our tiers repair unit of new andused tires.

2.Tread depth:

Regular measuring of the tread depth of the tires is recommended so that it will ensure maximum traction and grip avoiding unpleasant incidents. Its better option to change the tires before the tread depth decreases by 1.6mm.  

3.Tire pressure:

Keeping an accurate required tire pressure is very important, as it may cause damage to internal structure of the tire. It’s advisable to check it more often in cold weather.


Wheel alignment has to be checked when travelling on an irregular road as the vehicle suspension is altered, it may cause damage to the tire. A professional mechanic would help you in this matter.

More often checked parts of a tire are its valves, which need attention as they are made of rubber that might bend easily. They should be replaced once in a time.

When you see a tire on repair:

A specialist hand would point out the detailed problem of the tire as it lies in the internal structure of the tire that is unseen. Our specialists are trained mechanics who are determined to provide a better solution in life-saving activity of your worn tire and Truck Repair. 

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