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Red Dot Truck Service is fully licensed and equipped to satisfy all truck, tire, towing and trailer service needs:

Transporting heavy goods or driving over rough terrain can lead to the need for drive axle repairs on your commercial vehicle. With over 45 years of experience and a range of different axles available for all types of vehicle sizes, you can rely on Red Dot Truck Services to provide the quality you want.

A driveshaft is needed for the tires to rotate. The driveshaft transfers the power from transmission to the rear tires, enabling them to turn.
U-joints hold the drive shaft in place. If the U-joints are not lubricated, the bearings inside the U-joints will wear out over time and the drive shaft will begin to vibrate, while the truck is moving.

Airbags are not just for 4wd’s towing a caravan, boat or trailer. If your vehicle tows or carries uneven loads causing the rear or front end to sag then you need to drive safe and level up with Red Dot Truck.

By installing Airbag Man to your vehicle you can take advantage of many features & benefits which include adjustable levelling control, eliminating spring sag, safer load carrying, better braking, improved steering & handling, stabilise body roll, prevents bottoming out, excellent ride quality, reduced tyre wear & lower maintenance costs.

RedDot Truck Service specialise in commercial radiator repair, maintenance, fault finding and new replacement of vehicle radiators, we offer a collection and delivery service to local commercial customers and have the expertise to test and spot any issues early to ensure your radiator is repaired, serviced or replaced quickly so your fleet is kept running with the minimum effort.

We can supply and fit batteries for all makes and models for all Commercial Vehicles .We come to you and fit at your home or place of work same day. Free battery testing at out service centres – don’t buy a battery you don’t need.
Free fitting on all batteries and no call out charge – you only pay for the battery.
Free environmentally friendly disposal of you old battery.
Competitive prices in your area.

There could be any number of reasons to book a suspension check. You might have noticed that your TRUCK isn't as stable as it used to be, or you may have bought a used truck that needs a check-up.

In any case, it's important to service suspension when required, as it improves safety and prolongs the lifespan of your truck.
Our technicians are experts and they only use top-quality, original-spec parts. This means we are able to guarantee suspension repairs for 12,000 miles or 12 months (whichever is soonest)


Leaf Springs are key components of your vehicle’s and trailer’s suspension system and provide support for a smooth, reliable ride. Exposure to road salt and harsh elements, carrying heavy loads and driving on rough roads can all cause corrosion or damage that weakens a spring’s structure. After countless miles on the road, it’s inevitable that there may come a time when this support system needs repair.

The frequency of leaf spring and coil spring repair or replacement can vary based on a number of factors. By conducting frequent inspections and scheduling service when needed, you can help keep your truck or trailer’s suspension system and leaf springs in top condition.

Did you order a new set of tires online and they sent them to you without them being set up, balanced, and ready to mount? Are you looking for a set of new tires and wheels from any of the top brands and you’re unsure about where to go? Great news — we have all of the equipment, knowledge, and skills necessary to install them quickly.
Call us today to set up an appointment to have your new rims and tires installed.Keepyour tire game strong!

Our technician will visit your premises* and carry out a 35 point inspection, check and top up fluid levels, tyre pressures and replace any standard worn wiper blades and lamp bulbs. A report is prepared on each vehicle for your own maintenance records and also enables us to monitor and conveniently manage any necessary repairs, servicing etc.

We also provide commercial roadside assistance service to ensure we get our customers back on the move as quickly as possible. Reddot Truck Services are int his business for a very long time.

The water pump is a belt or chain-driven engine accessory bolted to the engine above the crankshaft pulley. The pump housing has an impeller that circulates engine coolant through the cooling system passageways in the engine block and cylinder head, on to the radiator, where the coolant temperature is reduced. . The lower temperature coolant then flows back to the water inlet on the engine and the water pump continues the cycle.

Regular servicing of your truck is vital for several reasons. Make sure that all vehicles are maintained in in an efficient state, in efficient working order, and in good repair.
Planned maintenance should be thorough, regular and frequent enough to meet the manufacturer's guidelines and common sense, so you should always get your servicing done at an Approved Service Centre like Red Dot Truck Service. More than that though, servicing is the ideal way to maintain the smooth running .
We pride ourselves on ensuring that you, and your vehicle receive the very highest level of care and service. No one understands your vehicle like we do, and as well as service,

Changing your vehicles' oil every 3,000 miles is the most important preventive maintenance service you can have performed on your Truck. Regular oil changes help ensure that your vehicle is performing well by extending the life of your engine. Our standard oil change is quick, convenient, and includes a 20-point service and safety inspection.

One out of every five vehicles on the road needs a new belt. Our NAPA Know How guide helps you through the steps necessary for proper diagnosis.
The introduction of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) belts in the late 1990's have made wear detection harder than with the old neoprene belts. Still, there are indicators to look for that signal it's time for a new belt. We have the expertise and knowledge to supply a replacement alternators or repair your faulty alternator.

Although detecting the source of a faulty electrical component in your Truck or Trailer might seem like a difficult task, here are some warning signs to look out for:

* Inability to start your engine
* Damaged, bloated or failed battery
* Dull headlights or brake lights
* Smell of burnt plastic
* Faulty or dis colored wiring (green powder on wires and white powder on battery terminals is known as oxidation)

While it is useful to have knowledge of the electrical structure of your vehicle, seeking an additional opinion or advice is always highly recommended. If you want an expert’s evaluation of your truck or trailer’s electrical system, here at REDDOT TRUCK SERVICE, we are glad to provide our knowledgeable advice when you most need it.

Wheel bearings are safety critical components designed to sustain radial and axial loads caused by gravitation, acceleration, breaking & cornering forces, so they need to be replaced when they stop working properly.

Despite the fact that modern wheel bearings are easier to install than previous generations, correct installation, the usage of appropriate tools and respecting the specified torque values are still essential for maximum performance, durability and safety. Therefore, we recommend having your wheel bearings fitted by a professional mechanics like REDDOT TRUCK SERVICE that has the skills and the tools to do the job.

Brake repair involves services including brake pad replacement, resurfacing rotors, and if damage is severe, full replacement of brake system components. In general, brake pads need replacing every 50,000 miles. The rate of wear can vary, however, based on several factors including how often you drive, the weight of your cargo, and road conditions. Exposure to dirt, grime, and road salt can also cause corrosion on rotors and other truck brake components.

REDDOT TRUCK SERVICE is widely recognised as one of the most affordable range of services available in the market as we cater for Independent and Commercial Fleet Workshops, Self-Owner Operators, Small and Large Commercial Fleets and Business accounts..

Your air conditioning isn’t just for the hot summer months but is equally important during the winter season as a fully working air conditioning system demists and defrosts your windows. At REDDOT TRUCK SERVICE Servicing our air conditioning services keep your truck air conditioning maintained by checking and topping up the refrigerant levels.

For all your hydraulic, pneumatic system and service requirements.
We also provide mobile hose repairs to the local areas of New Jersey


In addition, Red Dot Truck Service offers a warranty on all work. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us.

Red Dot Truck Service specializes in tow trucks, new and used tires and heavy duty towing and we proudly serve in New York and surrounding areas, New York City, Hill burn NYC, Southfield NYC, Sloatsburg NYC, and many more.

Huge selection of new, recap and used tires

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