Red Dot Truck Service is fully licensed and equipped to satisfy all truck, tire, towing and trailer service needs:

Providing 24hrs Emergency Service is Unique in our REDDOT Truck Repair Service in Mahwah, New Jersey.

OurOur roadside services add comfort to our customers in an immediate pick up of the vehicle.

All our services are fully licensed and built with advanced equipment in use for any complicated repair mechanism in your vehicle.

The services included are heavy truck repair, tire repairs and towing of your vehicle for further investigation on the problems.
On-site technician support by our certified mechanics is provided in management of your vehicle any time. And we also stay updated with our client in order to check the condition of the vehicle.

Heavy trucks or diesel vehicles face quiet many problems; here we deal from simple brake failure to diesel transmissions and engine repairs. Apart from this tire replacement and repair service is also provided by our technicians. 
The quality of our work and quick response will keep your fleet on road in no time. It’s our pleasure in providing various services concerned with any truck repair.

We work with our heavy duty towing services as a 24hrs emergency service.
While dealing with the heavy truck repairs the prices have soared up recently even for simple parts like filters brakes etc.

But we ensure you with reasonable pricing in our service centre for any repair as per your budget limitations.
24 hrs Emergency Truck Repair Service New Jersey and New York.

Towing is our speciality and we are just a phone call away. Red Dot Trucking service NYC operates as of on the leading towing services in New York, New Jersey NJ, Pennsylvania. We serve all kinds of towing services.