How Mobile Truck Service can help your business?

You never can predict when one of your trucks might encounter a breakdown however Mobile Truck Service is available to help. Whether your truck won't start or anyone in your team ends up breaking down halfway through a journey, Mobile Truck Service will show up on scene and get things sorted quickly. Having a good team on reserve is an extraordinary approach to getting your trucks back on the way.

Why choose Our Mobile Truck Service?

Trucks and Tires Maintenance is Essential for a Healthy Road Trip.

Trucks and tires maintenance is essential for a healthy road trip.

We Red Dot Truck Service provide road side service round the clock. Our 24 hr emergency service is our unique system.

Some healthy tips for a healthy truck, here you will find basic instincts of your truck.

  1. A truck runs on oil, this oil is very important for a healthy engine. So changing the oil for every 3,000 miles or every three months is essential.

It increases the efficiency of the engine with a smooth run. Using high mileage oil will keep seals protected from leakage.

  1. Regular checkups on your truck, inspecting the brake lines and replacing spark plugs, filters periodically will help retrieve the smaller problems. One of them is fuel injection system that needed observation for potential problems.
  2. Air pressure of the tires should be checked constantly,this will help to avoid unexpected flats and blowouts. With this you can add adjusting your trucks alignment.  
  3. Avoid big expenses b check underneath your truck for any oil leakages.
  4. Unusual sounds like thumps or bangs might lead to some serious problem of your truck, so better aware of the sounds it spells and take it to the notice of a mechanic. Our professional mechanics are the best in New Jersey.  Sometimes all the precautions might not support your trucks performance, which requires a professional hand to solve the problem.

Our services are wide spread and at your service in 24 and 7 in solving the most crucial repairs of your trucks.

Available 24/7 Road Side Service

If you are Facing any Problem Regarding your Trucks Tires Don't Worry.
RED DOT TRUCK SERVICEis Available 24/7 Road Side Service in New York - New Jersey

Tire servicing:

A healthy truck needs healthytire maintenance. It’s probably the most neglected area by everyone. But the pressure point where the truck supports itself lies in the strength of its round, stable tires.

Taking steps to secure your tiers will help in maintaining a good vehicle.

1.Selecting the right tires:

Market provides a lot of brands but it’s good to have an experienced and trusted hand like our tiers repair unit of new andused tires.

2.Tread depth:

Regular measuring of the tread depth of the tires is recommended so that it will ensure maximum traction and grip avoiding unpleasant incidents. Its better option to change the tires before the tread depth decreases by 1.6mm.  

3.Tire pressure:

Keeping an accurate required tire pressure is very important, as it may cause damage to internal structure of the tire. It’s advisable to check it more often in cold weather.


Wheel alignment has to be checked when travelling on an irregular road as the vehicle suspension is altered, it may cause damage to the tire. A professional mechanic would help you in this matter.

More often checked parts of a tire are its valves, which need attention as they are made of rubber that might bend easily. They should be replaced once in a time.

When you see a tire on repair:

A specialist hand would point out the detailed problem of the tire as it lies in the internal structure of the tire that is unseen. Our specialists are trained mechanics who are determined to provide a better solution in life-saving activity of your worn tire and Truck Repair. 

Our honesty and sincerity speak through our services

Red Dot Truck service is pioneering in the field of truck

REDDOT TRUCK SERVICE is Pioneering in the field of Truck and Tire Repair Service in New Jersey and New York.

We provide 24 hr road side service. Our mechanics are certified and experienced from any minor to major problems of trucks and tires.

The equipment we possess are advanced and provide you with instant solution buying you a lot of time in the process. These emergency services are rolling to be our best efforts in serving many troubled clients who run in the path of urgency.

Our genuine services provide comfort to the clients with different assistances in towing the trucks, repair of the trucks and tires.

Avoid repairs:

We are pleased to satisfy our clients with our genuine services. REDDOT Truck and Tire Repair services are available on time and in the zone of our customer location.

Check for our latest offers in our customer budget making our services more reliable and trustworthy.

REDDOT Truck Service provider is in Mahwah, Wilmington, and Parsippany in New Jersey and we serve in Delaware & Pennsylvania also

Truck maintenance is a necessary and a timely

Truck Maintenance is necessary on time. Supervision of your Heavy Truck by a Professional mechanic is the first thing to do.

Some Expensive Repairs of the trucks you can avoid.

Truck Maintenance is necessary on time. Supervision of your Heavy Truck by a Professional mechanic is the first thing to do.
Usually, truck repairs vary from little to larger and big-ticket ones. Once again you might face identical problems with your truck. The mistake takes place in selecting the correct truck repairing company or the service supplier. To avoid this blunder consult, REDDOT TRUCK SERVICE which offers the most effective services round the clock with our specialized mechanics. Our services in heavy truck and tire repairs, measure remarkably trust worthy to our shoppers.
The mistake takes place in choosing the righttruck repair company or the service provider.
So in order to avoid this blunder consult our REDDOT Truck Service. We provide the best services around the clock with our specialized mechanics who reach the exact point of trouble with a good solution to the problem.
Our services in heavy truck and tire repair service are unmistakably trust worthy to our clients.

Some expensive repairs of the trucks you can avoid:

The most negligence takes place in avoiding a regular maintenance of heavy trucks.
Like changing the oil and the filters comes under the minor repairs that need an immediate attention.

When some repair is done the replaced parts remain with the service provider but it’s advisable to get back those parts as they show some value in the market.

A small repair or a heavy truck body repair, one should have a good communication with the mechanic to avoid many confusion of the problem.
Understand the scale of damage and kind of repair from the mechanic so in future you can keep your truck fit by taking some valuable suggestions.
If you’re facing some problems with your truck, then log on to REDDOT truck service for 24 hr availability and roadside service.

Winter tires and their requirements at you will

The display is most important

Considering winter tires becomes essential when the snowfall is inches in depth.
All the weather bearing tires lose their stability in these snow ditched roads. They may support you wet weather and light wintry conditions.

These modern winter tires are designed for:·Noise
·Steering response
·Rival grand touring tires
·and Enhanced traction

Aggressive thread groves and a thread pattern bite the snow clearing the way for the vehicle.

They are designed to stay flexible even at temperatures at zero and enhance traction in winter conditions too.

Drilled with studs these tires provide traction in light icy conditions and during snow.

Some things to remember with winter tires:

·They tend to be noisier

·They should not be used in temperatures 35-40 degrees as the rubber used in those tires may ware off.

·Mixing designs of tires is not recommended so if you are to use winter tires then gget them in a set.

·Due to their construction these won’t act as all season tires and gives trouble on dry pavement.

So before buying look for your weather conditions that might stay cool and snow for weeks, as winter tires will be a good investment for those places.

REDDOT TRUCK SERVICEprovides you with all possible tires best suitable for your truck needs and advises you by our expert technicians.

Heavy Truck Repairs and Services in New Jersey and New York

Here at Reddot Truck service, we deliver instant heavy truck services. We provide a one-stop solution for all your towing and recovery needs in New York and New Jersey. Reddot truck service performs repair wherever you need us, broken down on the road or at our conveniently located truck repair facility. We pride ourselves of having one of the fastest service times in the Mahwah, New Jersey. When you need us, we’re always here for you, for any emergency services any day, including holidays, evenings and weekends. We are always there for you.
We take what we do seriously and have been in business from past many years serving 24/7 continuously providing an expert solution to all your truck maintenance and repairs all at affordable prices, we strive to give our customers the best possible service. We are located in Mahwah and Wilmington.
Our Heavy Truck Repair Services Include:

  1. Diesel Engine Repairs
  2. Air Conditioner Repair
  3. Preventive Maintenance
  4. Welding Services
  5. Hydraulic Line Repair
  6. Brakes
  7. Clutches
  8. Rears

Truck Towing Services and Heavy Truck Repairs

Red Dot TRUCK SERVICE INC is a truck towing and a heavy truck repairs service company that you can fully rely on our towing and road assistance needs. We are a team of experts armed with capability and experience to provide trustworthy response In Mahwah, Delaware and Parsippany, New Jersey. If you any expert roadside emergency truck towing service simply call us on (877) 733-3680.

We are a one-stop shop for automotive Truck Repair Company and we welcome everyone in our repair shops conveniently located for all commercial businesses of Mahwah, Delaware and Parsippany, NJ. We are available 24/7 to respond to your call. So contact us today, and let us get you back on the road.

Don’t hesitate to call one of your local Professional, reliable, affordable towing and heavy truck roadside assistance servicing company in New Jersey.